WOW! Wonders of Watercolour

img002 (4)5th November – 4th December

The new exhibition at Arts in Oxford gallery features artworks by invited artists from Watercolour New Zealand – two Canterbury artists (Adrienne Pavelka and Ruth Killoran), three Wellington artists (Jacky Pearson, Alfred Memelink and Pavithra Devadatta) and Wanganui artist Nieske Hutchison.

The show aims to challenge widespread perceptions about watercolour and to highlight the diversity and versatility of this well known, but often misunderstood, medium.

Each artist in this exhibition brings their own unique approach to the medium.

For Nieske Hutchison the use of collaged oriental rice papers adds richness and depth to her works; Ruth Killoran uses the spontaneity of watercolour to complement the free flowing lines of her intuitive and imaginative creations.

Vibrancy of colour and movement are evident in the works of Pavithra Devadatta; in contrast the simplicity of Alfred Memelink’s Antarctic landscapes perfectly conveys a sense of the continent’s vastness and light.

One cannot help but marvel at the highly skilled, confident and free brushwork in the impressionistic works of internationally acclaimed watercolour artist Jacky Pearson; the stunning skies and simple clean compositions of Adrienne Pavelka’s atmospheric landscapes are equally sure to impress.

Don’t miss this exhibition and the opportunity to open your eyes to the wonders of watercolour.