People, Places & Pigment

Lauryne Hart, Erika Hüsselmann & Donna Massey

Saturday 8th February – Wednesday 12th March

Saturday 8th February will see the launch of Arts in Oxford’s first exhibition for 2014. Three Auckland artists – Lauryne Hart, Erika Hüsselmann and Donna Massey- have collaborated in the group show “People, Places & Pigment”. True to the show’s title, the paintings produced by these artists show a passion for all three.

Originally from South Africa, Lauryne Hart seeks to portray in her vibrant acrylic paintings the people of all times and places, rather than those of a particular culture or race. Focusing on the commonalities that link us all as human beings, she reveals our oneness despite our differences. Her works truly reflect the inherent joy and beauty that she finds through practising art – as well as the beauty, character and vitality of the human experience.

The contemporary, stylised works of Erika Hüsselmann comment on life in all its facets; they are quirky, sometimes autobiographical and form an ongoing visual diary. Painting “from the inner sanctum, in the moment”, her practise is intuitive; she draws inspiration from dreams, everyday life, family, hopes and history. The results are whimsical, often dreamlike works that draw you in, tempting you to interpret their story, yet retaining a sense of mystery.

Donna Massey produces oil paintings that are characterised by crisp clean lines and bold colours. Her distinctive contemporary style may seem familiar as her works have been published in ”New Zealand Art” calendars for the past 4 years. Inspired by her passion for the outdoors, in particular the ocean, she chooses to paint beautiful places; often those touched by human stories and history that bring them to life.

All the works in the exhibition resonate with a positivity and vibrancy that is hard to deny. Come and experience “People, Places & Pigment” and you are sure to leave with a smile on your face!