May Exhibitions

This month we have three Canterbury artists exhibiting. Whilst in some respects their works are hugely diverse, there is a common theme of interest in and concern for the Natural World that runs through all the artists’ works.

“Natural History Collections”
Jo Ewing’s latest works, which have evolved from her passion for botanical art, now encompass the subject of Natural History – in particular insects. Her chosen medium of mixed media collage has allowed her to also incorporate old book manuscripts and other found objects.

“Coming and Going”
Zoe Wiseman has produced a stunning group of layered mixed media works that reflect her love of natural, organic forms. By offsetting these fluid forms against geometric shapes and hard lines she has created truly contemporary works that display a flair for both colour and composition.

“Over Fished”
Joanne Webber has produced a body of work that covers the topic of endangered and vulnerable fish species and collapsed fisheries. With her trademark use of kiwiana icons and play on words, these paintings are quirky and thought provoking.

The exhibitions run from tomorrow, Saturday 10th May until Wednesday 4th June. See more