Classic Nudes

This exhibition is by students participating in the Community Education Life Drawing Class held at Hillmorton High School Christchurch.

We have exhibited elsewhere since the demise of the exhibition spaces at The Christchurch Arts Centre where we once regularly showed our work. Our website, has also been a vehicle for display since the loss of readily accessible exhibition space

Our classes have grown in popularity since they began more than 30 years ago, and we now have a semester average enrolment of just less than 40 class members.

This exhibition is dedicated to Alan Wohlers, a talented member of class for more than 25 years who died unexpectedly in July this year.

As tutor to the classes, my aim is for each artist to develop their own response to the figure, in media and style that works best for them, and I believe shows such as this demonstrate the success or otherwise of this approach. I am privileged to work alongside such a committed and talented group of people, with models who are hugely respected in the difficult job they do.

I’d like to commend the Art in Oxford Gallery for having the courage to show what for some is challenging subject matter and for Hillmorton High School’s ongoing commitment both to us and to adult education generally.


Alan Gunn