From the Tree of Life

28th February – 25th March 2015 Galina Kim, Serena McWilliam, Tanya Shevchouk,  Min Kim Exhibition Opening at 2pm on Saturday 28th February

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Through paint, pencil, freestitch embroidery, collage and sculpture this exhibition brings together a variety of nature inspired works.   They reference aspects of the historical role of plants in Herbals and as symbols, display the exuberance of colour and form in nature and they share the delight that comes to those who make the time to look. In a fast moving and turbulent world, the ability to connect with nature is increasingly being acknowledged as vital to individual and societal well-being. The author Richard Louv has used the term “nature deficit disorder” to succinctly describe our current disconnect with the natural world;  these works are intended to highlight the rewards that come with closer observation, while hopefully also stirring the memory and engaging the senses.