Essence of a Landscape

Micheline Robinson

10th June – 1st July 2015

Gala Opening Saturday 13th June at 3pm

Cathedral Lane

Micheline Robinson is a French Canadian painter now based on the Kapiti coast and Arts in Oxford is delighted to be the location for her first solo exhibition in New Zealand.

Enthralled with the sense of freedom and urgency in NZ’s bush, and with the unkempt raw landscape that this country has to offer, new resident Micheline Robinson set out on an artistic journey with inks to try and capture its essence.

This new series conveys an abstract, glass-like world, replicating amalgamations of patterns in nature, whilst playing with our perceptions of light and space.  Her intuitive mind creating illusions of three dimensional landscapes that the subconscious has rendered into thickets, vineyards and other images that were collected whilst tramping through the countryside.  By depicting geographical space at its most simple form, the essence of the image transcends geopolitical boundaries of our world and allows the viewer to connect, regardless of experience.

As one friend from across the world relayed to her when she moved here, “We are all standing on the same land.”