Shimmer Cropped



22 August – 16 September

Exhibition Opening Saturday 22 August @ 3pm

Abstract Painting 1 day Workshop Sunday 30 August $140

This exhibition is a selection of abstract works painted from 2010-2015. 

“After the September 2010 earthquake, I began making charcoal rubbings of cracked streets on canvas. I then squirted oil paint onto them and stamped on the paint with bare feet. These paintings are literally walks through a different kind of landscape where what was solid had disappeared. 

From the summer of 2012, until the autumn of 2013, my house in Linwood was undergoing earthquake repairs. I spent this time in Halswell. It was like a holiday with the clatter of bulge leaves all around me and a beautiful summer that was far removed from the brokenness that I had been immersed in. I responded with a long series of lyrical paintings. 

In 2014 I began throwing paint at canvases in my studio. Flinging handfuls of oil paint at canvases around the walls. Eventually my aim got pretty good and I painted what I felt to be a new kind of space – an internal space that represents my sense of nature.”