Art for a Cause


Starting 21 November, a three week exhibition is taking place at Arts in Oxford to raise money for Hagar International, a charitable organization that works to rehabilitate victims of human trafficking, which is the fastest growing crime on earth.

The exhibition will bring together works by painters, sculptors, wood and ceramic artists from around the South Island. It is organised by Artists Against Slavery, a Christchurch organisation that is run by Janie and Dereck Porter. Artists Against Slavery supports Hagar in their efforts to care for women and children who have been trafficked or severely abused in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Afghanistan.

Artists Against Slavery was begun in 2008 after Janie and Dereck were inspired by their travels to Southeast Asia and saw first hand the work Hagar is doing to support the victims of human trafficking.

“Arts in Oxford are supporting Artists Against Slavery to raise funds to help stop this horrific crime that is happening around the world. We welcome people to the exhibition- to to see some wonderful artwork by great artists and also learn about human trafficking.”

The artwork will be open themed and not necessarily related to the subject of human trafficking. Artists involved include Belinda Weir, Galina Kim, Soren Berger, Janet de Wagt, Stephanie Crisp, Min Kim, Janie Porter, Anne Skelton, Mark Collinson, David Patterson, Melipa Waites, Beverley Frost, Heather Maxwell, Rachel McRobb, Nina Brown and Renate Galetzka.

The exhibition runs from 21 November until 13 December and the gala opening is on Saturday 21 November ,  from 5 – 7pm at Arts in Oxford. 25% of the sale price of the artworks will be given to Hagar.