First exhibitions of 2016

30th January -24th February

20160109_132400Christchurch Memories – watercolours by Ivan Button

Rangiora artist Ivan Button reflects on Christchurch both pre and post earthquake.

Ivan paints in the gallery

Come along to the gallery on Saturday 13th February and see Ivan at work creating. He will be only too happy to talk about his artwork and share his passion for painting!

38.monarchballlightblues.resizedSmall World – celebrating and revealing the beauty and art of this planet – Photo Art by Justine de Spa

“The ‘Planets and Bubbles’ I create are the result of my love of photographing the diverse natural environment of Aotearoa New Zealand. Whether it is a southern horizon, coastal stones, a wild flower or a unloved weed, the forms of the subject, the colours, shades and textures can be arranged into an ‘own world’.

In this way each sphere pays homage to its subjects. In the case of a plant or flower new attention is drawn to the petals, stamens, spines, seeds or leaves. We are so used to plants and flowers a fresh arrangement is often what is needed to re-appreciate small details or to see them for the first time.

When water, rocks, sky, sand or clouds are newly arranged the subject becomes a micro-planet, understandable on a human scale. It has been said before that if Earth was only a few metres in diameter we would worship it, care for it and revere it as the marvel it is. I like to think my pictures will remind us of this.

Viewers have described my canvases as reminiscent of other spheres as well, a glass eye, a marble, a crystal ball, a jewel, a paperweight, and ‘weighty bubbles’. I hope you will enjoy this exhibition and be inspired to take a little world home with you.”