9 April – 11 May

Exhibition Opening Sunday 10th April at 1pm

“Growing up as the grand-daughter of artist Doris Lusk I was able to participate in a unique life story.  In this her centennial birth year I am taking the opportunity to share some of these little stories through the medium of ceramics. The Canterbury landscape was an endless source of great inspiration for Doris and she continually documented it whenever and where ever she could.   This work remembers the Sunday afternoons that my Nana would squash me and my siblings into her Morris Land Crab, drive into the middle of a fabulous landscape around Canterbury and push us out to run around like lunatics for a couple of hours while she painted! Then she would buy us all a Jelly Tip or Toppa ice-cream as a treat…I think that she thought we came only for the ice-cream but really we loved being out in the landscape as much as she did.  This show features ceramic vessels painted with the water colour washes of Canterbury, Glittery Ice-cream Pops and Natures Bristled Ceramic Paint Brushes.  It celebrates my extraordinary childhood with an extraordinary person!”