Joanne Webber and Martin Cole

Joanne Webber , painter,  “It’s not all black and white”

and Martin Cole, sculptor, “Stranger Than These”

are both holding exhibitions here in the gallery

from 22nd April to 28 May 2017.

Opening 3 pm on Saturday, 22 April

Arts in Oxford Gallery, 72 Main Street, Oxford

Joanne will give a talk at the opening.  Her love of finely detailed work is well suited to the elaborate designs and beautiful patterns on the fish she paints.  Her work is informed by a real concern for the oceans’ environment the the fish stocks within.



Plankton Puzzle, acrylic on board


For his exhibition, Martin’s sculptures from recycled and found metals take on strange appearances, reminiscent of deep sea steampunk fish or fantastic flying feathered birds.

LAPTOP - WIN_20170402_075056 (1)

Different Angle, recycled metals