Precious Treasures & Memories

Anna Schoolderman’s Previous Treasures, and Vicki Knudsen’s Memories are exhibitions of paintings that arose out of overseas travel.

Anna Vicki 30sept17 square web


Anna Schoolderman writes:

“Precious Treasures” is about the really important things of life. Not the things we accumulate but the people in our lives who give us purpose and happiness. Maybe they are present for a long time or perhaps come fleetingly and then are gone leaving only a memory, but in some way they impact our lives and make us better for having known them.

The works are either soft pastel, charcoal or oil portraits or studies, mostly, but not exclusively of people I met during a visit to Vanuatu last year.

This exhibition is dedicated to the boys and girls of Vanuatu – some of the most Precious Treasures in the world. Their joy in the face of adversity and hardship continues to inspire me. I hope that it may inspire you to greater gratitude … and perhaps even a desire to make a difference for the children of Vanuatu – to help provide better sanitation, and education to help improve their lives.

Proceeds from this exhibition will go towards assisting the work of ADRA, an NGO working in Vanuatu to provide basic sanitation (clean water and latrines) to remote villages.

From Vicky Knudsen:

My title is ‘ Memories’ and will be predominantly a collection of paintings from our trip overseas, people we stayed with and my experience of their culture.   I will be using various mediums.  I am taking a visual diary  with me and thought it maybe a welcome addition to the exhibition.