“It’s the quiet ones…”

Our new exhibition of oil paintings which opens on 3rd March is something a little different, as the artist, Sarah Garland, explains:

I have always enjoyed the nostalgia and connection to old family photos. Recently, as I’ve been sifting through my collections I have become more drawn to the ‘bad’ photos, that is, the poorly timed, aesthetically displeasing, cheesy or accidentally cropped images. In our current digital age, these are the photos that now get deleted, overlooked or swiped past. In the past, when you developed a film, you got everything printed, including all the mistimed, off-centred, under or over-exposed errors. Today, few images make it to a printed, concrete form and those that do have been carefully selected. My current work showcases subjects that make a double leap, from (typically) rubbish to ‘high art’, from digital waste (or dusty photo packet) to oil painting. It enables a chance to back the runt or the underdog. The cropping of the figure or face also creates a sense of anonymity and unease, and leaves numerous questions unanswered.