‘Natural Encounters’ by Miranda Brown


Natural Encounters by Miranda Brown

Miranda invites visitors to the gallery to explore the installation:

Natural Encounters is a place to reflect, connect and navigate according to nature’s principles. Nature is balanced according to the cycles and seasons of life.

Throughout the ages many cultures and civilisations have navigated according to the Circle of Life in order to live in harmony with all creation.

In this exhibition each wall represents a gateway to the Four Winds: North, East, South, West

Each wind has a corresponding Element: Air, Fire, Earth, Water

With each element there is a Season: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Each wind has an Aspect: Mind, Soul, Body, Emotion

Spirit is at the center

The plants and animals in each gateway are here to support and nourish our journey.


Walking with the Circle of Life

  • Go to the East Wind, the place of fire and illumination. Here is the rising sun of Spring, the place of the new dawn where new ideas are born. Fire is the energy of passion, the seeding place of our dreams. What is your Dream?
  • What is your Vision for Mother Earth / Papatuanuku?
  • Write down your dream and your vision in the Basket of Dreams                                                                             


  • Walk to the South Wind, the place of earth Papatuanuku and imagine planting the seed of your dream in the fertile soil, feel the joy of summer, listen to the song of your heart and trust this. Celebrate your vision coming to fruition.
  • Journey to the West Wind, where the waters cleanse and the Autumn leaves fall, this is the place of reflection and letting go of that which does not serve you. The dusk brings us to vigilance & faith. Let go.
  • Now travel to the North Wind the place of air and the mind. Here we seek the path of wisdom and knowledge to walk with courage and alignment to embody our vision and take flight.
  • The ‘Wisdom Keeper’ will take your basket of dreams to the stars, breathe this into life.