Loretta Palmer and Amanda Coleman

High Flow Acrylics and Basketry

Showcase of works by two emerging artists in the small exhibition space.  Opened on 10 February, the show closes on 3 March 2019.

Loretta is exhibiting one group of six works using ink on ceramic tiles. The works in the second group, Unseen,  are painted in acrylics and tissue paper, embedded in a high flow acrylic layer, on canvas or wood, and are unframed.

Amanda is showing two baskets which are are made of dyed and natural harakeke fibres.


Loretta explains that her “Unseen paintings and the untitled tiles evoke those glimpses and glimmers we sometimes get that hint at events and presences just outside our normal focus, as if each of us were groping blindly through a brilliant world of which we see only the shadows.” She suggests that you “view each picture as you would one of those clouds that reveal all kinds of forms and faces if we look at them just a little differently to how we normally look at things, with clear eyes unclouded by assumption.”