Alison Erickson

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Winds of Change. Bronze and native timber, edition 1 of 1. $4,500

This sculpturedepicts a family and for want of a better description, they are refugees of change.

  • The man is contained by the past. He is bent inwards and feeling a loss for the past and the things he has hung his life on.
  • The woman is the bridge; she holds them together. She is looking outwards to find something tangible that will last, something solid to trust for the future of her child.
  • The children are looking to the future and holding on to the structure of their family.

This work is one of the working maquettes I made in response to a request for an idea from the Waimakariri district Council for an artwork marking the earthquakes in this district. The final piece is outside the library in Rangiora.

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Mother and daughter. Bronze, edition 1 of 1. $3,800