Anna Schoolderman

Raised in rural New Zealand, with a love of nature etched on “my very soul”, Anna has long appreciated the simple sights and sounds of the countryside as an antidote to the pressures of modern urban life.  Her work “seeks to reflect a little of the handiwork of the great Master Artist who designed and created this beautiful world we inhabit.”

Anna’s large watercolour floral works are a metaphor for faith and the value of light in our lives.  Their size highlights small and insignificant details that might otherwise go unnoticed by the observer.

Through the use of meticulous detail, her charcoal work conveys the importance of simple daily acts. By stripping away the distracting element of colour and focusing only on tonal values, she reduces the image to a powerful simplicity.  Her drawings are narratives, depicting beauty in the seemingly mundane acts which compose daily life and highlighting the symbiosis between man and nature and within nature itself.