Erika Hüsselmann

Erika’s work comments on life in all its facets. Some autobiographical, others quirky, a growing number depicting the spoken word or folklore, her paintings form an ongoing visual diary.

“I live and work in Auckland. My medium of choice and main focus is oil painting although I also work in other mediums including acrylic, mixed media, sculpture and collage. My works are contemporary, sometimes stylised, and subtle, free, colourful, but can also be whimsical, quirky, playful or naive.

My process is intuitive, concentrating on working with the material and following where it leads, drawing inspiration from snippets of dreams, everyday life, family, hopes and history – I paint from the inner sanctum, in the moment. Over time images of the human figure, faces and elongated creatures have found themselves a permanent place – and sheep, boats and birds have become symbols of journeys that souls travel. Fruit has become a symbol for words; flowers and trees metaphors for people, my journey through my art.

Techniques used include alla primo, impasto and sgraffito and sfumato, also layering and glazing – these are often combined but regularly employed according to what the specific work may demand in a heuristic way.”

Erika’s work is held in private collections in Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Sweden.