Flame Daisy

Anthony Holt Genet & Berinthia Ruth Binnie-Genet

Over 20 years ago Anthony enjoyed his first l experiments with glass as a young man stripping paint off a house with a gas burner. Curiosity compelled him to melt some broken glass he found in the garden, and that, coupled with a childhood fascination to “one day make light bulbs” led to a self directed adventure into working with neon.

A brief stint at Northland Polytechnic in the early nineties learning basic blowing skills gave life to the drive to pursue the complexities of the unforgiving medium that is molten glass.

Berry has worked artistically from childhood, graduating from Otago School of Art. Through years of trial and error, the odd burn and lots of pressure she had become an indispensable right hand for the gaffer.

Anthony and Berry have worked together with glass since 1995 and their business flamedaisy glass design was launched in 1999.