Noeline Walker

My interest in creating art jewellery started when I took a class run by the Silversmiths Guild of Canterbury in 1990 and I have since developed my skills by attending workshops run by the Guild and taking courses in design and specific techniques run by other practitioners and colleges.

A career in Interior Design developed my eye for balance and form and my inspiration comes from all around me, ideas pop into my head and from there I work out the best method of construction.

I work from my studio in Christchurch and use texture to create interest. Roller printing, scratching and Keum Boo (fusing 24k Gold to sterling silver) are favourite techniques and I am currently working with slate recovered from the Christchurch Cathedral when the roof was replaced in 2006. I prefer a satin finish with highly polished highlights.

Each piece is hand made and each piece I make for myself – its what I’d feel comfortable wearing.