Calendar 2019: July – December

2019 March 9 to April 14

Character Study: The figure in action and inaction.

Gavin Chai, Philip Beadle, Quilliam Collister, Nigel Wilson.

2019 January 27th – 3 March

Kris Waldin Near and Far. Solo Show.

January 20th – February 21st

Summer Show

Invitational group show

February 24th – April 4th

“It’s the quiet ones”

Sarah Garland

Solo Exhibition of oil paintings

April 7th – May 2nd


Exhibition of NZQA folios by Senior Oxford Area School Students

May 5th – June 6th

ECHO:  Land & Survivors

Wendy Wadworth

Solo exhibition of works in oil on glass, oil on canvas and drawings

June 9th – July 11th

Curated group show exploring the qualities of their local materials by Canterbury artists and craftspeople

July 14th – August 15th

Natural Encounters

Miranda Brown

Solo exhibition and workshop installation.  Design, prints and textiles.

18 August – 19 September

Calendar 2019 Show

Exhibition by artists supporting the gallery’s 2019 Calendar.

22 September – 28 October

The Cutting Edge: Freeing Textiles 

A group textile show by national established and emerging practitioners; guest curator Kate Mahoney

3 November – 9 December

Maua Tahi:  Ranui Ngarimu and Paula Rigby

The mutual respect of two weavers exploring and sharing ideas, concepts, skills and techniques from Te Whare Pora (The House of Weaving).

Works include favourite pieces from yesteryear along with new articles specially made for this exhibition.

15 December – 20 January 2019

Summer Show #4

A gallery curated group show for the holiday season.